Individuals With Fibromyalgia Syndrome Have Low Levels Of Serotonin, A And Overeating.

Individuals With Fibromyalgia Syndrome Have Low Levels Of Serotonin, A And Overeating.

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What is Applied Kinesiology and Does it Work?

What is Applied Kinesiology and Does it Work?

Applied kinesiology is a form of alternative medicine. Practitioners believe that they can diagnose illnesses and identify the most effective courses of treatment by testing muscles for their strengths and weaknesses. In many cases, applied kinesiologists are also practicing chiropractors, but there are some naturopaths and even traditional doctors and physiotherapists that believe that there is some value to this form of alternative medicine.

Supporters of applied kinesiology believe that you can use manual muscle testing to highlight the structural, mental and chemical aspects of the health of the person being tested. They believe that when organs are dysfunctional there is an accompanied weakness in an associated muscle. This link is called a viscerosomatic relationship. Applied kinesiologists believe that many illnesses can be treated through joint manipulation, joint mobilization, and myofascial treatments. They may also recommend dietary changes to improve overall health.

In some cases, applied kinesiology also involves nutrient testing, in which a patients muscles are tested in conjunction with gustatory or olfactory stimulation, as well as exposure to allergens.

Does Applied Kinesiology Work?

Applied kinesiology is a controversial field. The American Cancer Society states that there is no current scientific evidence to support claims that this form of medicine can be used to diagnose or treat cancers, and many physicians have spoken out to state that claims made by applied kinesiologists are bizarre and in some cases inflated.

The challenge for practicing applied kinesiologists is that there are so many people practicing it from different walks of life, and with different medical backgrounds. Not all practitioners are naturopaths or chiropractors. Some people who are members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology have traditional medical backgrounds, and have studied for hundreds of hours under qualified practitioners. For more information on this you can visit These doctors are much more likely to give high quality treatments than an unregulated, poorly qualified practitioner of alternative therapies.

Should You Try Applied Kinesiology?

If you have an undiagnosed illness, then your best choice is to speak to a qualified medical practitioner and try traditional medicine first. If you are already undergoing traditional medical treatment and feel that it is not working, talk to your doctor about adding alternative medicine to your treatment regimen. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the joint manipulations and myofascial treatments that are used in applied kinesiology are safe for your circumstances. Note that if you are taking medication, undergoing chemotherapy, or have a condition that affects your circulation or your bone density, you may not be a good candidate for applied kinesiology treatments.

If your doctor gives you the go ahead, then there is certainly no harm in giving applied kinesiology a try. Many people have reported that the treatment has given positive results for them, and you may benefit from it too. Remember that complimentary medicine is designed to augment traditional treatments. Do not turn your back on scientifically proven techniques out of a distrust of doctors. Combine as many different treatments as possible to give yourself the best chance of recovery.

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