Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Services

We have one motive here. We want you to be able to get the best possible healthcare. We want you to be educated to make the right decisions for you and your family. We want you to know that there is more than just drugs and surgery that can help you and do it without side effects.

This website it intended to be an educational site. You will find help and information from almost any kind of health specialist you can think of. The most common conditions that would walk into those professionals offices, and then give you some insights as to what would be possible and legitimate alternatives, always with a focus on your highest and best good.

We educate patients on starting least invasive and working you way up the scale if the least invasive things are not working. Drugs and surgery will always be there. But if you can fix your problem without drugs and surgery for the rest of your life why not?

While this site is being added to, a great resource would be to visit There is a lot of updated information there and some great insights that will help you on your way to making health decisions for yourself.

Even take something like acid reflux. Most doctors treat this as though you have a tums or acid blocking medication deficiency. Anybody ever ask why the body would want to spit its food back up. Perhaps your body just doesn’t want what you put in it, or can’t digest it. If we take a different approach and make sure you have plenty of enzymes and hydrochloric acid, then you will easily be able to digest it quickly, and then there is nothing to reflux back up. Problem solved. Its not always this simple, but you get the point. The body is always trying to do what it thinks is best for itself under the current conditions. Just stopping major and important body  function  like reflux or diarrhea, or a fever may not be in the bodies best interest.

I was teaching just yesterday, and several students had similar responses with friends and family dealing with chronic pain or headaches. These people were dealing with these things for over 30 year, and one simple treatment from someone trained in Applied Kinesiology and there was a night and day difference. How amazing. Seems like a miracle……but all they did was provide the proper treatment for the patient. As doctors, I teach them to treat everyone as an individual. No two cases are alike and this is true for any pain or illness out there. By definition the treatments will have to be different as well. This would be one major bonus for your healthcare team if at least one of them is proficient in Applied Kinesiology.