Dr. Chris Montanaro DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

Dr. Chris Montanaro DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

Dr. Chris teaches students of chiropractic and students of medicine the art of Applied Kinesiology. He teaches these courses all over the country. Currently they are being taught in both Seneca Falls, NY and in Daytona Beach, Florida. You can read more about These courses at www.chiropractorsyracuse.com. Not to mention this coursework you to learn, it can be even more fun to listen to testimonials from patients of Dr. Chris. You can go to youtube.com and watch a lot of them. One you may particularly be interest in is about this syracuse chiropractor. Take some time to watch them. People can fake just about anything in written format. However, a patient testimonial on video says a lot about how much patients in his office are helped and how highly they think of him and his caring approach. To find out more about Dr. Chris as well you can go directly to his website at www.chiropractorsyracuse.net.

Tips Gathered From Real Chiropractic Websites

Learning to take proper care of your back and spine is something that people all across the globe struggle with. Luckily, there are people who work as Chiropractors who have years of education and training under the belt. Chiropractors are experts of the musculoskeletal system and can help improve the condition of your back and spine in only a matter of weeks. Of course, the ideal situation is to avoid needing a chiropractor to begin with. That’s why these top-notch back care tips have been gathered from multiple chiropractic websites. These tips will help you take better care of your back and require fewer trips to the chiropractor in Liverpool NY.

Proper lifting

A lot of problems in the lower back originate from improper heavy lifting. It’s important to lift heavy objects properly and with your knees. Keep this in mind if you find yourself packing and moving boxes or loading equipment for work. What you think is heavy in your arms and what is heavy on your back isn’t always the same thing. It only takes a small amount of weight to put too much pressure on the back and cause back pain. If you want to avoid placing this extra pressure on your back, then you need to remember to practice proper lifting techniques, which will instead place the weight on your knees. Your knees are a lot stronger than the back and can handle the extra weight. You should also remember never to twist or bend the body as you are lifting a heavy object. Using a back brace when lifting heavy objects will help reduce the weight on your back and offer additional support.

Early Shopping

You might be thinking, “What does shopping have to do with chiropractic care”, but there is a relation. With the holidays approaching, you’re likely to find yourself shopping for gifts for the entire family. If you wait too late to start shopping, then you’ll encounter a few different problems, one of which is increased stress, which is never good. What really makes a difference to your back is all of that time you’ll spend waiting in line. You can avoid extremely long lines by getting your shopping out of the way ahead of schedule. When you do find yourself standing in a line for a long time you need to remember to demonstrate proper posture to keep your back sturdy and healthy. Stand up straight, but relaxed at the same time. Your spine should be comfortable, yet sturdy and still. Knees need to remain soft and unlocked.

These tips aren’t meant to scare you into visiting a chiropractor, but rather to help you understand your own back and the impact that daily actions have on its health. A healthy back is a back that doesn’t hurt and is aligned properly. If you want to keep your back in this good condition, then follow the tips provided here from professional chiropractor websites. These tips, no matter how small and simple, will have a noticeable impact on your back from day one. For more information on purchasing your own chiro specific website you can visit us here at http://notadocinthebox.com.